At pretty much every NEW Dueling Pianos show The Guys set out request slips and pencils out at every table and on the pianos. Fill one out with your favorite song or artist and bring them up to The Guys or set it right up on their pianos!

No, though it does help distinguish your request from any others based on the denomination you put with your request. (You can always write your request on the back of a $20 bill)

You don’t! The Guys show up with nothing prepared, which is why you need to fill out request slips and bring them up. If they know them they usually play them. If they don’t they may just fake them. They don’t know every song, but they do know a TON of songs! Remember the idea isn’t to play ‘Stump The Guys’ – it’s to play something most of us actually really want to hear.

Our favorite song is YOUR favorite song! Just write it down and bring it on up.

YES YOU CAN! (but you’d better have one for yourself, too!)

YES YOU CAN! We LOVE it when guests at our events take pictures because The Guys can’t (as they try to keep their ‘camera holders’ busy entertaining you). We only ask that you do not use any flash photography and most important that you tag #NEWDuelingPianos to your posted pictures. We would LOVE to see them.

We prefer you do NOT record video, Snapchat, or Livestream (aka “Go Live”) as we don’t own any of the rights to the material we are performing.

This could be for any number of reasons: Most likely because it’s a lousy song request, we might not know it, it could be a flat out terrible request, we haven’t found the right spot for it, half the room would go home if we played it, or it could just flat out suck really bad. If you are really that concerned please feel free to aproach the stage and engage the perfomer who is not currently mid song delivery and they will help you out with your written request that most likely is a waaaay below average judgement call on your part.

Please don’t, that’s why we have request slips. And other audience members will give you ‘the stink eye’ and talk about you.

Yes, we most certainly do, especially the shorter one. He is most likely sweating as you read this.

You should go up and try to hug them without telling them, this always works. (Don’t do that). Grab one of our business cards and get a hold of us! And be sure to catch one of us after the show!

You sure can, grab a drink, hit up the bathroom, bring a request up to The Guys.

As mentioned before – most likely it’s the sweating, or possibly the ‘rotten’ song request.

Well that depends, sometimes the last thing you want is The Guys’ undivided attention. Especially if you are taking away from the show or interupting them. While we encourage people to come up to the stage to deliver requests – hanging around, or uninvited dancing on the stage can bring the show to a halt. (Then the audience will hate you).

No.. for the love of all that is good, NO! Hey, we’re sure you or your friends are great singers. And you sound absolutely fantastic from your seats! But unfortunately for you, so many more people came to the show to see The NEW Dueling Pianos on the stage, so our answer will be ‘NO’ every time.

I’m sure you/they do! However, NEW Dueling Pianos are professional performers that are booked by the venue or event, and held to a (sigh) “standard”. We love the enthusiasm, however, “keep it in your seats”!

No difference, the answer will always be “NO”. But you can grab your program, bottle, or even just your fist and you have your very own microphone at your table! Sometimes it actually works and we can hear you!

Community shows are traditionally safe – however, every NEW Dueling Pianos dueling show is different, please check with the venue and show description to use your best judgement.

Well, you can fill out a request slip and say “Person’s Name is having a (anniversary/birthday/retirement/new job/etc). Please bring them up and embarass them!”

******* DISCLAIMER ******** Doing so starts a series of events resulting with The Guys bringing sed person up at some point throughout the show, announce the stated milestone, and most likely results with them being sung to. (More often than not, a song designed to make this person uncomfortable – soliciting a rousing response from the rest of the audience)…

******* DISCLAIMER TO DISCLAIMER ******** A huge sense of humor of the temporary on-stage guest is required. This is not for the thin skinned!

I don’t know, CAN YOU? Actually, we try to keep the dancing away from the front of the stage, as your sweet moves may interfere with what we’re trying to do ON stage.

**ADDENDUM** Now, if you happen to find yourself at a wedding reception where there is a defined dance floor, dance your FACE OFF!

Hmm… Still “NO”, but please send us information to your FRIEND’S show!

Stop by the stage and speak to one of The Guys. (Heck, do that anyway… we LOVE you guys)!