About Us

NEW Dueling Pianos is Wisconsin’s very own Dueling Piano Entertainment! Their request-based interactive, hilarious, sing-along/clap-along, request-driven show covers practically every music genre! Make your plans to become a part of the 1000’s of people who have experienced the truly one-of-kind experience that only ‘The Guys’ can deliver! Their Dueling Pianos show is one of the most most sought after (and SOLD OUT) shows in Wisconsin!

We bring it all – NEW Dueling Pianos provides everything needed for the perfect event! Our shows come complete with everything! Pianos, crazy talented entertainers, and most importantly YOU! It’s always a party with ‘The Guys’!

We’re Unique

Not only is Dueling Pianos a one-of-a-kind, off the cuff original event, but with NEW Dueling Pianos at the helm, HOLD ON! These performers entertain audiences with rip roaring humor to go along with their incredible performing skills. National Experience + Local Roots = Can’t Miss Live Entertainment!

We’re Flexible

The NEW Dueling Pianos dueling pianos show can become pretty much whatever you need it to be. No two shows are the same! We’re able to provide unforgettable entertainment for events from as big as the largest festival to the most intimate party. We have everything that’s needed to ensure a successful event that everyone talks about for weeks after!

We’re Professional

NEW Dueling Pianos ensures every check box is checked for your event. Remember, we are from Wisconsin, so we understand local nuances, family traditions, and the overall importance of community. Everything we do is with the client experience in mind.

Interactive Entertainment

You may have heard many of these songs before, but not how we deliver them. NEW Dueling Pianos will have you on the edge of your seats, clapping, singing, laughing, and having the time of your lives.